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What is Locality?

Locality is a social networking app for events. Our app lets you connect with friends to see what events they are attending or interested in. Anyone can create an event and share it with their friends. Join Locality and be a part of an exclusive community for new and exciting events!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people go to more events. We strive to create an amazing experience for creating, sharing, and interacting with events so you for sure if you want to go or not. Going to events with your friends leads to a better time and being more social in real life.

Why Locality?

Locality was founded by Sebastien Lubrano in March 2019. We saw that creating an event can be challenging from finding a good location, inviting your friends, getting the word out, and knowing if it’s going to be a good time. We wanted to create a simple place where people can create an find good events. All of the events on Locality are created by real people and we rely on you being involved to create and spread more good events to your friends!

How You Can Help!

You can help be a part of our mission by using Locality and being a member of our community. We would greatly appreciate you spreading the word about Locality to your close friends and share events you find with people that aren’t on our app. Only share Locality with good friends because we don’t want negative or non-social ruining all the fun!

Our Team

Currently I (Sebastien Lubrano) am running the entire operation, however, I am looking for a good backend developer (JavaScript), frontend developer (Swift), and a marketing team member. If you enjoy our app and think your qualified to be a part of the Locality Team, please send your resume to I’m looking to create a small hard-working team dedicated to providing the best experience for everyone who uses Locality.


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