Locality! Terms of Service

Last updated: 2/27/19


This page informs you of our policies regarding the terms of service by users of the “Locality!”. Locality ("us", "we", or "our") operates the iPhone application Locality! (the "App").  By using the App, you agree to the terms of service and will act in accordance with this policy.

Proper Use

Locality was designed and created to find events that your friends have created or are attending. Users can create and share events to friends and can choose the privacy settings for each event. Users who can see the event are only people who are allowed to see it. Using Locality for purposes other than events can lead to failures of the app, suspension, or account deletion.

Community Guidelines

Locality was first launch to Union College to help college students find events going on in their areas. Events that are created should be real life events created by real users in Locality. Events should not be meant to abusive, harm, insult, or hurt another individual on or off Locality. Spamming events or friend requests is not acceptable behavior in the App. All content created on Locality is connected with the content creator and not with Locality. We do not condone or promote any illegal actions that occur within our App and will try to prevent that as much as possible. Each event, post, or user that is reported or seen to not follow the community guidelines may result in account termination.

Inappropriate Content

Events, Posts, and Accounts that are created by users of Locality may be reported and reviewed for inappropriate content. We do not allow user-created content that supports, shows, or represents malicious, hateful, abusive, or bad content deemed by our team. Each report will be reviewed within 24 hours. After a report has been made our team may delete the event, or post and if the content is from a repeat offender, their account may be subject to Account Termination.

Account Termination

After a report, an investigation of a reported users account will happen. This may result in account termination. Users who have their account terminated may no longer use Locality and further account creation may be terminated.


While using Locality we may need your permission to use your iPhone’s features for specific purposes. We only use your iPhone’s features for these purposes and do not record any feature specific data without your consent.


We are not personally liable for any actions, events, or people that use our app Locality.

Forgot Password?

Oops, I forgot to add a forgot password button! Please contact Sebastien Lubrano at sebastien@thelocalityapp.com to get a new password ASAP.


If you have any questions about this Terms of Service, please contact Sebastien Lubrano at sebastien@thelocalityapp.com.  


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